What Makes Us Different

For over our 14 years of experience have enabled us to design business model that effectively and efficiently brings excellence value added to our clients. You could expect all of this differences while working with us.


Value for Money

“We deliver more than you’re expected”


We listen a lot to our customer to gain understanding of the business challenges, provide solutions that match to their problems, and deliver tangible results. We believe that the money which our customers invest to our trainings and consultancies are perfectly managed and returned to them with excellence results and more than the value of money they have invested. We also provide training reports to all of our clients to ensure if their training investments are worth to develop their greatest asset – Human Capital.


Integrated Approach

“Integrated approach ensure performance improvement sustainability”


Our experiences told us that there is a strong correlation between human, management, and business to safety performance. Based on that, all of our trainings and consultancy programs are specially designed to elaborate all of these sides into our 4 transformation perspectives to ensure our client’s performance sustainability.


BPSI Experiences

“Everlasting memorable experiences when using our products & services”


All of our products and services are specially designed to provide our customer everlasting memorable experiences with us. Start from initial contact with us until the end of training and consultancy services, we offered great experience to all our customers.


Excellent Customer Support

“Before, during, post services & supports delivery to give peace of mind”


Providing our customers the services and supports delivery is one of BPSI core values. We take pride in providing the best level of customer service through quality and professionalism.


Practical Learning  

“Excellent training climate for ideas exchange & proven techniques”


BPSI utilize a unique accelerated learning methodologies as the building block for all training programs. Plus with a lively mix of role-playing, workshops, "back at work" projects, and hands-on activities in actual business scenarios, adds to the effectiveness of the learning experience.